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Be A Local Tourist In Your Own Motherland

If you ask me, start by travelling in your own country.

There is no need to travel halfway around the world to call it a “real vacation”.

Still, I must admit that the faraway lands will always be considered more enchanting to many of us. Think of it as the mind’s normal response – travelling further into the unknown makes us believe that it’s worth the journey.

Truth is, there’s so much more to discover from our own country. The moment I pursued a career in the sky, I promised myself that I would explore more of my motherland: the Philippines.

Was it worth it? Without a doubt.

Here are a few reasons why you should be a tourist in your own home:

1. More So Than You Realize

You’ll see your country with a fresh perspective once again. I know how easy it is to become complacent about travelling locally, but haven’t you thought of it this way? Every year, millions of tourists are willing to catch flights to visit your homeland – why don’t you join them?

I’m almost certain that you will never run out of plans when travelling in your own home. Take into consideration that you have four cardinal directions to choose from, and I guarantee you that each of these points have its own aromaits own charmfrom discovery to cultural heritage.

Become a stranger, recreate meaningful experiences, and you’ll learn to appreciate your fatherland by staying close to home.

2. Finding Your Roots

Giving yourself a chance to travel in your own country can help trace your roots by understanding ethnic background and history. Your desire for personal connection can be gained from visiting living museums and local places of worship or seeking out cemeteries where an ancestor is entombed. These experiences will be spiritually uplifting to those who seek it.

It will also be a great way to recognize where your country stands in the world.

3. Getting Around Will Be Easier & Affordable

You know the set-ups: you’re accustomed to the currency which makes it easier for you to budget for food and transportation, you’re familiar with the mode of transportation that is favorable to your destination, and speak the same language (if there are several dialects in your country, there should be one common official language that everyone speaks so you’ll be fine).

Besides that, you don’t have to book an international flight ticket or make a hotel reservation that will only make you more stressful.

Travelling in your own country is pure bliss, leaving you more time to feel more refreshed and relaxed when exploring mindfulness and meditation.

4. Travelling Domestically Gives Room for Spontaneity

Travelling domestically isn’t just about your hometown or where you live. Being part of your culture gives us a sense of belonging and strengthens the pride of our identity. It’s perfect for last minute retreats that require little or no planning even if it means going to two different provinces or cities of your state.

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