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Best Flight Attendant Hairstyles

Flight attendants are the face of the airlines therefore, future applicants must be professional and pleasant in both appearance and demeanor to uphold the public image of the company.

Every international and domestic airlines have their own unique requirements with reference to the importance of style and grooming in the workplace. I believe that proper grooming and professional appearance will make a great first impression for flight attendants (on the ground or in the air).

First impressions make a difference and the way you carry yourself as an individual can create an impact on your colleagues in the work setting. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression, so you might as well do your best.

The objective is to always look neat and presentable when reporting for duty. If you have a respectable outlook, chances of you gaining respect from others will grow. This must come from within, and you have to start with yourself first.

In this journal, let me discuss four of my favorite hairstyles on-the-job, and how to achieve them as well.

1. Low Bun

Buns are always going to be in style. It is a versatile ‘do that can be used on several occasions. If you ever find yourself in a hurry for work, this hairstyle will only take a few minutes.


(a) Create a clean and center part of your hair

(b) Secure into a low ponytail

(c) Wrap your ponytail into a low bun with bobby pins

(d) Adjust the bun if it looks unbalanced

(e) Add a little hairspray to complete the look

2. Tall Bun

A Tall Bun gives a chic and elegant outlook especially on those with long hair. This is indeed a simple hairstyle that is stylish at the same time. No wonder why it’s my personal favorite!


(a) Pull all your hair up into a high ponytail

(b) Divide the hair of your ponytail into two equal sections

(c) Twist each section until it holds together

(d) Secure the ends with bobby pins

(e) Add a little hairspray to complete the look

3. French Twist

Anything vintage will always be beautiful. The French Twist is a timeless hairstyle that is suitable for any event. It’s classic enough for work but requires more practice to perfect it.


(a) Gather all your hair into a low ponytail then twist the tail up

(b) Use bobby pins to secure the twist

(c) Combine the front sections into the twist and pin it down

(d) Neaten the look and comb your hair back

(e) Apply hairspray

4. Side French Braid

A French Braid is great for the workplace. It’s attractive, sweet, and just pleasing to the eye.


(a) Brush your hair

(b) Separate the hair at your hairline into three sections

(c) Braid carefully, and prevent any bumps from forming

(d) Add hair as you go to create that woven look

(e) Repeat until the end of your hair

Practice makes perfect! Have fun.

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