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COVID-19 SERIES: End The Stigma— Why Your Mental Health Matters

I cannot stand the words, “Get Over It”. All of us are under such pressure to put our problems in the past tense. Slow down. Don’t allow others to hurry your healing. It is a process, one that may take years, occasionally, even a lifetime – and that’s OK.

- Beau Taplin -

If I had to describe 2020 in one word, it has to be “brutal”.

This year is certainly one of the most difficult times of our lives. We have been constantly learning to adapt, overcome, and think on one’s feet by force of circumstance. News about companies making redundancies, overwhelming demand for health care, or political & social unrest are all surrounding us.

Everyone’s experiences will be different. While we are being equally hammered by the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be in separate modes of transport. A small number of us will still be able to travel by air, but most will only be able to afford land or sea transport. Unfortunately, there will also be those that barely have anything to support themselves.

Consequently, this can have a negative effect on our physical/mental health therefore below you will find ways to stay healthy during this period of confinement.

· Keep informed. It is important to be updated with local and international news from trusted channels. Do only what is necessary of your state and learn how to reduce news consumption that will just distress you. I suggest distracting yourself should solve the problem – keeping yourself busy with work, trying something out of your comfort zone or welcoming feel-good reads will allow your mind some time off from needless anxiety.

· Social engagement. Due to this pandemic, the lack of physical contact with the world, the new reality of working from home, or the temporary layoff from an employer will often lead to self-isolation. What you can do to maintain an active social life will vary on the severity of the coronavirus crisis. There are countries that have managed to keep the virus under control, and several that have not.

By any means, we can still stay connected via phone, social media, or physical contact. Always try to check in with people that matter to you by being there for them. Creating a safe space with nothing but support would be a good-natured remark between two individuals. Catching fresh air outside or going out with a friend (with extra precautions) will help clear your head momentarily too.

Keep a fresh perspective and an open mind for yourself.

· Take time for yourself. Take good care of yourself by avoiding destructive behaviors, eating healthy and right, as well as having enough restful sleep. Staying positive is a choice and it would be reasonable to let your mind see the good in everything.

· Have a support group. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing personal stories of anxiety to your family and friends, you should consider joining a support group along with a network that you can relate to. No judgment, just love.

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