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Five Lessons Learned In Paris

Paris, Paris, Paris.

You are the epitome of beauty, love, and wisdom.

You have a place in my heart no one could ever have.

You will always remain the timeless chapter of my notebook.

The first time our paths crossed was in the fall of 2009. I still remember that day, when our eyes first acquainted. A trivial moment of almost nothing — yet the timeless beginning of everything. And so, the adventure begins.

Five lessons learned from living in Paris

1. Live an impassioned life.


Celebrate your life. Celebrate every tiny victory. Celebrate anytime and anywhere.

You don’t need a special occasion to get a taste of life. Just like the Parisians, they can turn what is seemingly mundane into a passionate event. You have to master the love language of quality time because they take this quite seriously in Paris.


Create an imaginary world in your notebook, and never stop dreaming.

Remember, memories are priceless.


Discover you.

Say yes to crazy adventures and take risks. You’ll eventually realize that fresh experiences are the best way to learn.


Learn from your mistakes, and move on. Remember the lesson, and make the right choice the second time.


If you can fall in love again and again, would you still do it? Love keeps us alive.

You never know, your best love story could be set in Paris.

2. Always look presentable.

Today, Paris is believed to be the world’s undisputed fashion capital.

The moment I set foot in the city, I discovered that elegance, fashion, and sophistication were greatly appreciated by individuals who are devoted to unique or high fashion.

Believe me, I used to be simple. I did not like dressing up until it became a habit.

In Hong Kong, I can go to a grocery store with my pajamas. However, I will not be able to do the same in Paris with confidence. I am not saying that you must be high maintenance. You will understand what I mean once you start living here, and your admiration for fashion will manifest itself naturally.

3. Enjoy the small moments.

Appreciate small moments of happiness.

Materialistic life gives you temporary satisfaction, but time is the greatest gift you can give to everyone. I believe that Parisians have their unique ways of having fun — afternoon picnics, house parties, weekend getaways, etc. Sometimes, it is the simple things that make life a luxury.

4. Respect individual differences.

If you’re not a citizen of France, please don’t expect them to know your own culture by heart. You are in their territory, therefore, live according to their rules.

5. Be cautious. It’s for your own good.

Safety has always been number one priority. If you are a single young woman living abroad, please don’t invite danger. Anything can happen, so comport yourself with tact.

Paris, we shared our lives for almost six years. It was agonizing, enchanting, and inspiring. And yes, I will always have that love-hate relationship with you.
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