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Five Tips for Long Distance Relationships

What is love and distance to you? Is it for everyone? Will it last?

To me, a long-distance relationship is a beautiful agony. It is indeed beauty with trials and tribulations.

As long as there is balance between “give and take”, including the dedication and effort that you put into a relationship – it will be successful. For some, it is a relationship full of difficulties and in all respects impossible. Realistically speaking, love and distance is not an easy road.

Why settle for LDRs when there’s PRs?

Long-distance relationships are undeniably not for the faint of heart but will be rewarding if you meet the right person.

Remember this: Relationships are always worth it even if you and your partner are fortunate to be living in the same city or a different country.

In any case, you do realize that if you choose to date a flight attendant, it will be somewhat long-distance, right?

Below, you will find short and sweet tips for making a long-distance relationship work.

1. Don’t panic if it’s not perfect.

Do perfect relationships exist? No. It is OK to deal with flaws in a relationship. Growing pain and imperfection are supposed to be deemed normal. When you first date someone, it is easy to imagine that everything is perfect – everyone will fall in the “honeymoon phase”. Sooner or later, this will wear off, therefore, you must be prepared to think long term.

2. Always think long term.

Being in this kind of relationship compels you to look at the bigger picture. You will have to start laying out your priorities in life and question yourself carefully. Is this person worth the plan and wait? & will they be a hindrance to where you want to be in the next few years? Consider everything an experiment.

3. Prioritize yourself.

When doing long-distance, you must be wise when it comes to investing time in your own individual life. Sometimes, it is not always a two-way street. Hence, you will have to master the creation of happiness for yourself. Supporting each other's personal goals will keep you strong as individuals and as a couple.

4. Don’t assume anything.

Chicas y chicos, please don’t. Both of you cannot read each other's minds and accept that. Just make sure you are on the same page when it comes to your heart and mind. Take into account that it is important to invest your time, money, and self to a partner that respects you.

5. Make full use of time.

Long-distance can make your actual time together seem more fast-paced and passionate. It can startle many couples but trust me, time is extraordinarily valuable.

If only there is a way to stop time to make moments last, it will be an everlasting wish.

If your relationship is strong enough, there will always be a way to make it work and everything will be worth it in the end.

Only couples that can withstand the storms in life will truly make it.
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