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Four Challenges Flight Attendants Face In Their First Year Of Flying

Warmest congratulations on your achievements.

You have worked tremendously hard and have certainly come a long way.

Now let me ask you, are you finally ready for take-off?

Welcome to your first year as a flight attendant.

After months of rigorous preparation, you can finally spread your wings, and have a taste of the flight attendant life.

Believe me, the journey doesn’t end here. Working as an international cabin crew can be difficult to navigate every now and then. It’s not only about adventure, glamour, or luxury – your in-flight experience will challenge you in ways you never thought it would.

To be a flight attendant is not for the weak. I’ll come straight to the point. Your first year will be challenging, and you must be prepared for that.


1. Fitting into The Company Culture

Do you still remember your time at university? Being new to a work environment can make you feel like a freshman again – you feel excited, intimidated, and the case for mixed emotions will always give you that adrenaline before you operate a flight. For some, it’s unnecessary because it can indirectly affect your work performance.

Generally, all new joiners will have an overall sense of their company’s culture during the interview and training process. However, you have to embrace the culture to really become a part of it. It is important that you are aware of what is expected of you in your first year, therefore, do your homework, stay motivated and productive because seeing the big picture truly contributes to the company’s overall success.

2. Improving Team Dynamics

Once you start flying, you will meet people with different levels of maturity and understanding. Try to become acquainted with your colleagues during pre-flight briefings, and respect each of your unique responsibilities and roles in the cabin. Focus on open communication to smoothen your in-flight service and encourage positive confrontation within your team to keep everyone on the same page. It’s not easy to please everyone, and you don’t always have to win their approval. If you do your part, you’re good.

It is completely normal to make mistakes in your first year, therefore, take every opportunity to learn from the seniors at your own pace. There is also a possibility that you will be under a lot of pressure but over time, you’ll become a successful flight attendant. You may not like everyone you meet at work, but if you treat everyone with respect, you build more trusted partnerships for the future.

3. Time Management & Organization

You have to create good habits for this career path – being organized and punctual is a must. Set up routines to accomplish key tasks and be realistic with your time management. Carrying a pocket notebook or post-it notes help you recollect all your fleeting ideas.

4. Fatigue, Jet Lag & Long Schedules

The schedule of a flight attendant is not a regular 9-to-5 job. Have you heard of hypersomnia? It’ll happen to you!

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