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LAYOVERS: Types Of Cabin Crew & What We Really Do

What is a layover?

A layover is a flight where cabin crew members are expected to stay at their destination for a small number of days, hours, or even just an overnight. Consider it a time off from work spent at a hotel. You can think of it as a mini vacation if given the privilege to a long stopover.

You will be able to travel the world while you are on duty or leave, and almost entirely for free. Airline companies will provide hotel accommodations in enjoyable areas, and you will come across people from different cultures and experience cuisines from all over the map.

Travelling, always an eye opener

Every airline is different, but it is more or less the same when it comes to taking a break during a journey. If your work involves travelling in-between cities, airline companies ensure that your own basic needs are being provided in layovers (i.e. food & drinks, and a place to sleep).

Basically, cabin crew are additionally offered allowances through stays.

Layovers are mainly necessary to balance the work and rest hours between duties, and to ensure that flight attendants are prepared to operate the return sector of the flight. One should always keep in mind that it is exceptionally important for cabin crew to use their rest time wisely.

In that case, how do flight attendants spend their downtime? Is it really all about adventure and glamour? Or is it somewhere midway?

Well, there are no right or wrong answers. Everything will rely on your type of character, as well as your needs or wants.

Questions like, “Should I go out because I feel the need to explore?”, or “Should I stay in because I want to catch up on rest?” will be a few of your choices. You are either an introvert or an extrovert— and it is really about priorities, or what you look forward to achieving on a layover.

Sorts Of Cabin Crew:

1. The First Timer

It will always be exciting for first timers to experience layovers as it displaces them. The shift within allows respect and admiration for human or natural habitat, as well as ancient to contemporary discovery of a country.

2. Blogger/Vlogger

They will be busy documenting their activities or itineraries throughout their stay. There will be lots of pictures/videos, and live stream for their audience but if they are private people, it will only be to collect memories.

3. Gym Goer

Most hotels have fitness facilities that flight attendants can use as an exercise platform to keep their bodies fit and healthy. They can also do yoga or workout routines that require no equipment in their rooms.

4. Party Maker

This type of cabin crew knows how to live life to the fullest. They sacrifice their rest time to explore how it is like to have fun in exotic locales.

5. Grocery Enthusiast/Shopaholic

Oh yes, this one too.

6. Lock & Seal Minion

Do slam-click(ers) still exist? 100! DO NOT DISTURB.

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