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Travelling Alone: We Need to Embrace the Challenge

In the midst of a characterful little town, have you ever come across an independent woman, sipping coffee while contemplating the cyan shades of Zurich? Ever wondered if she is on her own?

This is always the case whenever locals find me by myself in their respective countries.

For some, it is difficult to believe that a lot of women today travel solo. I personally can’t tell you how many times people ask me, “Why travel alone?”, “Aren’t you afraid?” or “What about your safety?”

There are several preconceptions that we have about travelling solo, but the outcome is comparatively different to what most would expect. A person who loves to travel alone is seen as a free spirit – no wonder why I find the experience constantly purifying.

Real talk.

Travelling alone is liberating, life-changing and incredibly eye-opening.

If you have never attempted anything like this, perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself. Here are four reasons why you should travel alone:

1. Knowing yourself.

Travelling alone gives you ultimate freedom, and an opportunity to meet yourself again. You will start to understand yourself better by knowing your limits; what you like and dislike, as well as your merits and demerits. You will be the Queen or King of your own destiny. You make the rules therefore nobody will have the right to influence your decisions. Taking full responsibility of your choices also gives room for personal growth. You learn to become confident, independent, and feel more connected with yourself.

2. Expanding your comfort zone.

Solo travel is not for everyone. I understand that it can be intimidating but you will be fine if you use your common sense, put your street-smart skills into practice, and possess a fearless attitude.

Allow yourself to open to life, explore more, and don’t stay within your bounds. We know little about our own possibilities so move out of your comfort zone and discover yourself by taking risks.

3. Improving your mental health.

Every now and then, we fail to recall that all our body and mind need is a rest. Life is stressful enough, and the pressure from it can distract us from discovering experiences far more interesting or meaningful. For example, anxiety and despair can make travelling difficult. However, if you treat yourself to a trip or a weekend getaway, it can be a good way to give yourself some love and purpose.

4. Gives you all the time to reflect in peace.

Your solo travel is fundamentally a retreat for yourself, and a chance to have peace. It is taking time to reflect what is important to you and will offer new perspectives you may have regarding life. Think of it as a gift of self-care and resistance – the time and space it provides is all you need to determine your full potential as an individual.

I believe that everyone should travel solo at least once in their lifetime. The endless benefits that it brings to your life will be remarkably worthwhile.

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